Telling My Best Friends + The CRAZIEST Story!

I guess at this point in the blog it seems like I’ve told everyone that I’m pregnant. But that’s not really the case. So far, I’ve shared our secret with:

  • My mom, dad, sisters, and close aunts and uncles
  • One close friend
  • Two close co-workers

So you see, not a ton of people. It’s not that I’m waiting for a specific time, but it feels really early yet. Especially without that first ultrasound, and without hearing the baby’s heartbeat. I’ve read a LOT of perspectives online about when to share the news… and my conclusion is that there’s no universal right time. You just have to do what feels right in the moment, and that decision is incredibly personal. (and not open to judgement!)

In a perfect world, one in which we didn’t have to go through IVF to get pregnant, I probably would have waited to tell 99% of people until past 12 weeks. But I had a wonderful opportunity to tell my two best friends from high school in person, as we had planned a girls’ trip to Asheville over Halloween weekend. They knew I was doing IVF, and that I’d know the results before they arrived in Atlanta on Thursday night (same day as Beta #3). So I quickly cooked up a plan to surprise them with the news.

I browsed Etsy for some cute ideas on announcing a pregnancy to friends. Apparently using wine labels to announce the news is a popular thing. You peel the original label off, and replace it with a personalized sticker label saying things like “Sip this for me, I’m a mommy to be!” or “I’ll join you soon! Baby XX due in XX.” I found that there was a special saying for friends: “Only the best friends get promoted to aunties!” So I searched on Etsy until I found the prettiest one.

Browsing through the listings, my eye landed on a cute label with the “best friends” text included. Then, I looked closer. I got goosebumps. The sample listing on the label (NO JOKE) said – “Baby York. Arriving June 2017”

My goosebumps had goosebumps. What!? Like a cartoon character, I literally rubbed my eyes to make sure I was clear on what I was seeing. Yup, sure enough. Our last name, and my due date. On a sample listing I just happened to click on. I was so freaked out. I quickly called my coworker over to confirm what I was seeing. She got goosebumps too. It was WEIRD.

A bit tentatively, I emailed the seller. “Hey Rachel… I have a random question. How do you pick your sample listing last names and due dates? Because… um…”

She immediately wrote back. She was freaked out too! Apparently she just chooses them at random. But… that’s amazing. I’ll take it as a good omen for Baby York 🙂

I quickly ordered and printed the labels (no edits, haha) – then stuck them on wine bottles for my girlfriends. I gifted them the bottles on Thursday night. They absolutely loved them! Lots of screaming, jumping around, smiley faces. Such a happy moment. And I’m so glad I got to do it in person! So much love.