Introducing: Google of the Day (GOTD)

Oh, Google, the modern-day oracle. Gateway to fertility forums from 2004, and everyone’s two cents. (Let’s not kid ourselves, I hope this blog becomes searchable too, one day…haha)

Because I am a millennial, I am a consummate Googler. Pretty much every hour on the hour I have something new that I want to Google about my in-the-moment infertility experience. And through this baby-making adventure, I have found myself typing THE craziest things into that white box, in search for advice and community from the brave souls who have gone before. The things that Google knows about me, my cycle, the state of my cervical mucus… It’s clear to me: my search history IS my history. It’s my life, documented in questions posed to the world wide web.

So, I’m going to start documenting my Google searches… and hopefully, link to the most helpful results along the way.

There’s this Google ad I love from 2009… the year Joe and I started dating. I think about it all the time when I’m Googling, especially on days where I go, “God, I never thought I would one day be scouring the interwebs for embryo transfer diet do’s and don’ts.” Or ,”Have I seen every Follistim injection video tutorial on the planet? Am I sure I know how to do it now?” One day, when the news is good, I would love to re-make this ad, focused on our infertility experience. It would definitely not be as romantic, but… I would love to borrow the ending. 🙂




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