The Clomid Months

February 2015. Getting a prescription of Clomid seemed about as easy as sneezing. For many people with infertility (according to my IRL friends and internet bloggers), Clomid is the first square on the infertility game board. It’s basic systems checks. You essentially take one pill a day for 5 days towards the beginning of your cycle, to stimulate ovulation. Some docs prescribe taking Clomid on cycle days 3-7, others do 5-9. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to finally get to that positive pregnancy test.

Well, I took Clomid for 3 cycles – the first two on CD5-9 and the last on CD3-7. It didn’t make one bit of difference in the results (BFN x3).

Looking back, the months on Clomid were a blur. Like, I can’t remember them at all. (So this will be a short post, haha). I do remember the fact that it didn’t change anything – though I had many high hopes pinned on those 5 days of pills. I KNOW Clomid was the right first step. But after three BFNs… it felt like 3 cycles of trying, wasted. It felt like we needed to bring in the heavyweights, and sooner rather than later. So, before starting the third round of Clomid, I reached out to a recommended fertility clinic (the Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine) for an initial consult.


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