Let’s Rewind: NYE 2015

Ok, so where were we… I reached out to my doc in November of 2015 and made an appointment for early December. All initial tests had come back normal, including the AMH test that checks egg reserve. But on December 30, as we were in North Carolina with some friends to celebrate the New Year, I received a follow up note from the doctor’s office: “Hi Isabel. Your progesterone level indicates no ovulation this month.”

WHAT? How was that possible? I hadn’t been using the ovulation predictor kits regularly but I definitely had gotten ovulation confirmation before. Maybe my cycles were just irregular? How do I make myself ovulate?? How big of a problem was this?? And how do I fix it!?! hsalkghkashgkahglahgakgh!!!

Anyone that’s ever gotten a bad email or phone call knows that dreadful, awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. My brain was on fire with questions, but on the outside, I was silent. I didn’t know what to do with myself. (Always, that’s where the internet comes in.) After some quick Googling, I learned about Clomid and how anovulation can be easily solved with simple medication. Ok, I thought. It’s ok.

But, UGH. What news to get over New Years. I felt trapped and anxious, ready to do something, anything, about my ovulation issue. I couldn’t do much – but a cloud hovered over me for the rest of the trip.

I scheduled a follow-up appointment with my doc for January.


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