A little history…

Since I haven’t yet deciphered the ~*TTC*~ shorthand (that’s Trying to Conceive for you) of fertility forums, I’ll describe our situation and current status in prose.

After 4 years together, Joe and I were married in May of 2013 and began our newlywed life in Atlanta.

You know, every married person tells you to “Just enjoy the time you have together before kids – Travel! Spend money on fun things! After all, when you have kids, all the money goes to them.” This seemed like excellent advice at the time. Plus, we had a ton of big expenses with the wedding, saving for a house down payment, traveling for our own honeymoon, other people’s weddings, grad school, etc… and didn’t feel ready to start a family yet. So all in all, it made sense to wait.

By summer/fall of 2014, we had a house and a yard, with a dog. I was starting to feel ready. We picked January of 2015 to start giving it the old college try – an auspicious way to start the new year. I remember when I ceremoniously popped that last Nuvaring out (TMI?) and thought to myself, “Ok! A baby on the way, practically!” I dutifully went out and bought a few pregnancy tests and downloaded a period tracker to get situated.

I’ll spare you (and any family and friends reading this) from the details of our sex life, but here was the general progression of 2015:

Unchanged routine minus BC –> Googling ovulation timing –> Buying ovulation predictor kits –> Too stressful, back to regular routine –> Googling “how long off BC until pregnant” –> Calling the doctor to start tests –> 2016

I wouldn’t say we were intense about trying… I’ve never taken my basal body temperature or explored any of the fancier fertility technologies. But, we weren’t lackadaisical either. Either way, we reached November 2015 without pregnancy news, and something felt off about that. I reached out to my regular ob-gyn doc to schedule a check-in and some tests. (For those wondering, I turned 30 in September 2015… so this was all right after the big 3-0).

Ok, let me try to use TTC lingo and you guys let me know if I got it right 😉

Me: 31 DH: 33
Married since 2013
TTC since 2015 (unexplained infertility)
March: Clomid
April: Clomid
May: Consult with RE, Clomid + IUI #1 BFN
June: Clomid + IUI #2 Cancelled – Cysts
July: Clomid + IUI #2 BFN
August: Clomid + IUI #3 BFN
September/October: IVF (Trigger 10/4, ER 10/6, ET 10/11, Beta 10/21)


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